Matty Matheson Is Hosting a Massive Music and Food Festival in Toronto This Weekend

Toronto’s been quite starved of music festivals as of late — in the last couple years, WayHome, Field Trip, Bestival, and Riot Fest have all gone the way of the dodo. For a so-called “music city,” that’s a sad state of affairs. There is one shining, tattoo-laden, loud-mouthed beacon of hope, though: Matty Matheson. On September 7, the Toronto rock star chef will host an epic music and food festival, dubbed MattyFest. (Creative, we know.)

Taking place at RBC Echo Beach, the one-day bonanza will be headlined by the muthafuckin’ Wu-Tang Clan and feature a top-shelf bill including Descendents, Gogol Bordello, Danny Brown, METZ, Turnover, Jennifer Castle, and more.

MattyFest will also have better grub than your standard festival fare, boasting eats from some of Matheson’s favourite restauranteurs, including American pitmasters Billy Durney, Pat Martin, and Sam Jones. On the menu will also be food from some of Canada’s buzziest restaurants, including Balam, Buca, Canis, Cherry Street Bar-B-Que, Donna’s, Famiglia Baldassarre, Imanishi Japanese Kitchen, Le Swan, and Osteria Rialto, to name just some. That’s a tad more impressive than the typical burrito-and-poutine selection we’re used to seeing at these kinds of events.

If you’re in Toronto this weekend, you’ll probably want to attend this. It’s the best — and pretty much only — festival in town.

MattyFest takes place September 7 at RBC Echo Beach. Get tickets here