Unwrapping What Makes Crown Royal This Season’s Greatest Gift


As much as holiday gifting is about bringing others joy, it’s also about the sense of personal accomplishment earned from a job well done. And while it might seem difficult to predict which gifts will elicit true delight, in fact there’s a fairly simple formula to use for selecting the perfect present.

First, a really great gift has to demonstrate thoughtfulness. Second, it has to be made to the highest standards (you know, like handcrafted standards). And finally, it has to be something that delivers pure, simple pleasure.

Of course, even once you’ve got this Gifting 101 rulebook, it’s not always easy to find something that checks all three boxes. Or so we thought, that is, until we started gifting Crown Royal Canadian Whisky. Whether you’re shopping for your brother-in-law who just bought his first bar cart or your whisky lover boss, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is the rare gesture that reflects every element of a great gift.

This season, the two bottles on our shopping list are Crown Royal Extra Rare and Crown Royal Limited Edition Canadian Whisky. Here’s what makes both of them an ideal addition to under your Christmas tree!

Crown Royal Extra Rare

1. Demonstrates thoughtfulness

The best gifts prove that you want the very best for the person you’re giving them to — meaning not only should a gift be something that they’ll enjoy, but ideally it will also be something that they can’t always get themselves. The best way to accomplish this is to find something unique — something that delivers an experience they haven’t already had.

Enter Crown Royal’s premium selection. As Crown Royal Extra Rare has its origins in the final batch of whiskies salvaged from the original LaSalle Distillery in Montreal, only limited bottles are available. Even for whisky diehards, it’s a luxurious, likely once-in-a-lifetime indulgence. Meanwhile, Crown Royal Limited Edition is exclusive to Canada — meaning it’s sure to become every whisky lover’s new go-to for sipping while hosting out-of-country guests.

2. Reflects fine craftsmanship

If it’s the thought behind the gift that counts the most, then it’s the thought that’s gone into the gift’s production that ranks as a close second. Especially with so many gag gifts with limited lifespans crowding the retail landscape at this time of year, something that’s taken genuine time and care to create makes an especially dignified impression.

A careful aging process and handcrafted production are involved in creating Crown Royal. For instance, Crown Royal Extra Rare is handcrafted from the rare LaSalle Distillery reserve, to deliver its sophisticated and harmonious blend. Crown Royal Limited Edition, on the other hand, is aged 10 years, with experts drawing from a distinguished blend of batch-distilled whiskies that are extra-aged to perfection — delivering a unique blend with body smoothness and complexity. 

Crown Royal Limited Edition

3. Is ready to be enjoyed

After a long year’s work, the holidays are a time of hard-earned, much-needed indulgence. All of this to say, anything that delights someone’s senses is bound to be appreciated. Save the practical gifts for their birthday. Come the festive season, opt for rich tastes that can be sipped and savoured.

Which of course brings us to the most important aspect of all whiskies: their taste. In the case of Crown Royal Extra Rare, whisky lovers will experience notes of dried fruits and honey, balanced by spicy notes of Canadian rye, and finished with the round taste of raisins, cocoa, and brown sugar. With Crown Royal Limited Edition, they will enjoy spicy cloves, delicate fruit and floral notes on the nose, a creamy, chocolatey palate, and an extra-smooth, rich, long finish.