Watch Porsche’s Short Film Showcasing its Top 5 Most Iconic Livery Designs

It’s almost not fair; Porsche has more than 70 years of motorsport history to draw from. Other brands would kill for this kind of rich heritage and overflowing trophy cabinet. So, it’s only natural the company would want to flaunt all that history in a gorgeous video showcasing its top 5 livery designs. And, look, we enjoy a top five list almost as much John Cusack does in High Fidelity. (Top five side 1s, track 1s anybody?)

This short film highlights Porsche’s top five most iconic racecar livery designs. There’s a real art to these things. Making a livery is like making a poster that, not only has to look good, but also convey a message as it whizzes past at 200 km/h. So, ot’d be a challenge even for Massimo Vignelli.

Controversially, Porsche has limited this list to just 917 racecar liveries. Admittedly, 70 years of racecar liveries is a hell of a back catalog to dig through, but leaving out all the other cars omits hot designs like the 1970s-era 908/03 Spyders from the Targa Florio, and the Martini Racing colours. What do you think of Porsche’s picks?

Here, watch Porsche’s top 5 most iconic liveries.