7 Ways The TAG Heuer Connected Can Transform Your Golf Game

Summer may be over, but you don’t have to give up on playing your best game of the year quite yet — especially if you’re wearing the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition smartwatch. From detailed maps to club recommendations, here’s the best of what it has to offer.

Enhanced Maps

The latest update to the Connected Golf Edition features accurate, up-to-date maps of more than 40,000 courses around the world. Updated 2D maps now have even more detail and the TAG Heuer Golf app uses Apple’s new SceneKit 3D graphics framework to significantly advance its 3D maps on iOS devices. IOS users will also find simulated shot trajectories and a fresh overall feel similar to the visuals seen on pro golf telecasts.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition smartwatch

Smart Shot Tracking

Knowing the distance to the green is key for selecting the right club and making the shot. The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition’s 2D maps give you the information you need to make the right choice and end up on the green.


Data Analysis for Every Shot

When paired with the TAG Heuer Connected Golf app, TAG Heuer’s Connected Golf Edition makes for the ultimate performance tracker. Unique to TAG Heuer, the Driving Zone feature shows you the landing zone of your previous tee shots, helping you get closer to the hole with every round.


Club Recommendations

Can’t decide between your 3-iron and your hybrid? Just ask your watch. Simply move the target on the course map, and the Connected will recommend the right club based on distance. Set up distances for each of your clubs, and the watch will then take this data into account for even more precise recommendations.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition smartwatch

Enhanced Scoring

On-the-go scorekeeping is one of the most popular features on the Connected smartwatch and the TAG Heuer Golf app adds even more functionality by visualizing the score in stroke play, stableford, or match play. If you’re using your phone as well as your watch, a new built-in Bluetooth connection allows for faster synchronization for an even more seamless experience.


Weather at a Glance

It can’t make June arrive any faster, but it can help you navigate the unpredictable weather of fall in Canada with the Connected’s up-to-the-minute weather display. An informed golfer is a dry golfer.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition smartwatch

A Style Upgrade

With an ultralight titanium case, green-stitched golf strap, and a ceramic bezel, the Connected Golf Edition is built with the same attention to precision and finishing as TAG Heuer’s mechanical sports watches. Because being the most stylish guy in the clubhouse is its own kind of win.


All images courtesy of TAG Heuer.


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