SHARP Finds: Luxury Gym Equipment That Makes Working Out a Breeze

Many of us seem to have no problem investing in nice watches, cars, good quality clothing, and top of the line tech. Now, it may well be time for some of us to invest more in ourselves — which includes some new kit for the home gym. While aesthetics aren’t everything, it’s fair to say that most gym equipment is downright ugly, often creating an eyesore in whichever room of the house it occupies. With a bit of digging we managed to track down a healthy assortment of luxury gym equipment that adds a sleek aesthetic to otherwise mundane workout tools.

Whether it be for reasons related to the pandemic or just sheer convenience, many of us are moving toward exercising at home rather than heading out to a sweaty, communal gym. We also suspect more folks will be heading that route as capacity limits lift and your local gym turns into the usual winter/spring zoo once again. Whatever the reason may be, working out at home doesn’t need to be dull — and gym equipment doesn’t have to be boring or ugly.

Curved Wooden Treadmill

Gym Equipment - Curved Wooden Treadmill in post
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This stunning Curved Wooden Treadmill is everything you need to ease back into the world of fitness. Whether you choose to walk or run, this versatile machine will help you reach your goals. It’s not only a real showstopper that obviously looks nice and will impress your house guests, but it also provides intuitive and seamless workout sessions. Its minimalistic design with natural hardwood and eco-friendly architecture (it doesn’t even need to be plugged in!) is super modern but not too over the top that it takes away from your workout. ($2,800)

PENT Home Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment - PENT Home Gym Equipment in post
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This must be what they mean when they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” because seriously, look at that. I think this bronze gym equipment from PENT could turn anyone into a serious fitness junkie. Sparkling and shining home gym equipment (with so many options to choose from!) that doubles as decor — and keeps you in shape? Sign us up. (From $145 USD)

Fuoripista Indoor Bike

fuoripista exercise bike
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The spin bike of the future is here — and is it ever sleek. While some may simply want to own this on account of its visual appeal, it actually has a lot of health benefits, if you ride it. We know it kind of looks like art, but we promise it’s super functional. It’s a stationary bike that combines performance with style, and for those who no longer want to sit in a SoulCycle class and get sweat on by strangers, this will be your new favourite (joy) ride. (€12.000 VAT-included)


Gym Equipment - Tonal in post
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If you’re at all into fitness, or you know, have the internet, you’ve probably seen or heard of Tonal. Tonal markets itself as an entire gym in the comfort of your own home, and frankly it’s an accurate statement. Tonal is one machine offering both upper and lower body strength training, using a magnetic resistance system rather than conventional weight stacks. You also attach it right to your wall so it saves a ton of space when compared to multipurpose rigs from Bowflex and others. It’s also easy to use, has a touchscreen display, and you can hook it up with your own curated playlists — you also have the option to add additional accessories and handles to make the most of each and every workout. (From $2,995 USD)

Hydrow Rower

Gym Equipment - Hydrow Rower in post
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If you’re on the market for a machine to add to your home gym, you might want to consider the Hydrow Rower. It’s sleek and not too bulky or clunky so it’ll fit nicely in your space. Its 22″ full HD screen makes it easy to follow along with pre-recorded video workouts, and it can pair with either Bluetooth speakers or headphones in case you want to row without disturbing anyone around you. Smart. Needless to say, we have a feeling this is going to be your new preferred way to exercise. (Sale price: $2,995)

Scavolini Gym Space

Gym Equipment - Scavolini Gym Space in post
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Thought up by Mattia Pareschi, Gym Space is a project designed to combine a bathroom system with a gym system as a way to connect physical well-being and personal grooming. Gym Space reinterprets “typical” components of bathroom furnishings by combining and transforming them with a wall-mounted frame dedicated to exercise. Why shave your face and lift weights separately if you could do so simultaneously? (Price on request)

Technogym Kinesis Personal

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Improve flexibility, posture control, and coordination all with one unit: the ultimate piece of luxury gym equipment for your home. Available in several sleek versions such as “vision,” (steel) “heritage black,” (black and wood) or “heritage leather,” (full grain leather), the Kinesis Personal not only offers hundreds of exercises to challenge your strength and balance, but it’s a gorgeous addition to your home gym. (From $16,650 USD)

Work in Use Equipment

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Part abstract sculptures, part functional exercise equipment, Rhode Island design studio Work in Use’s collection of handrails, weights, bars, and rings was developed to make at-home training equipment look as good as your Eames chair. Each piece is handcrafted from a luxe material palette borrowed from modern architecture. For instance, the Laohi pull-up bar designed to be mounted over a door has handlebars wrapped in leather for easy gripping, while Yaling’s maple block holds a set of six brass hand weights. So even if your abs aren’t quite cut from steel, your gym gear will be. (From $1,100 USD)

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

Gym Equipment - WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in post
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When it comes to water rowers, our stance is “less is more” — at least when it comes to adding technology. One of the many perks of using a classic water rower is the sound that comes along with it — a sort of white noise that allows users to zone out during their workout. Adding a video and audio interactive training component might appeal to some but for most it will do little more than distract from the escapist experience. Whoever said new is ALWAYS better, might be wrong in this particular case. ($2,000)