Zenith Watches Brings Online Shopping North of the Border

Believe it or not, the slow trickle towards e-commerce in the luxury watch industry is not a “pandemic play”, so to speak. In the last five years or so there have been a handful of attempts to legitimize the luxury watch e-comm space, which has otherwise previously been dominated by grey market giants and preowned conglomerates alike. While authorized sellers and resellers like Watchbox and others continue to grow their international footprint, more and more brands take note, slowly leading to the evolution of direct-from-brand online sales platforms; but remember, the Swiss watch world is not one to embrace new technology with any sort of expedited pace.

Earlier this year, Zenith Watches entered the e-comm fray on our side of the border after two years of operation stateside. The brand has added several “perks” to its online portal as well, to further entice those without a local authorized dealer to trust the virtual sales process. The site’s concierge service is on hand to respond to any questions or concerns from clients and would-be buyers, including assists with payment, returns, and servicing requests. Zenith has also extended its warranty policy for online shoppers, offering all watches sold through the site with an extended 5-year warranty that also covers the first maintenance service of the watch — not something you see every day.

Zenith Opens Canadian Online Sales

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Zenith Opens Canadian Online Sales

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Zenith Opens Canadian Online Sales

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Zenith Opens Canadian Online Sales

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Zenith Opens Canadian Online Sales

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As a bit of icing on the cake, so to speak, Canadians (finally) have access to the brand’s boutique editions via this e-commerce launch. Prior to this, we were effectively out of luck, as Zenith does not keep a standalone boutique in Canada — at least not yet. Now, shoppers can finally get their hands on things like the Chronomaster Sport Boutique Edition, or the Chronomaster El Primero Radar. Beyond that, Zenith also offers up a small sampling of vintage references for online sale (via the Icons collection), and even these references can be acquired through the new portal. That said, the process is a touch more complex, as the watches are scattered throughout global Zenith boutiques. Difficult or not, this service is a rare one from a luxury watch manufacturer, and we’re more than happy to see them operating in our neck of the woods for a change.

Visit the Zenith Watches Canadian e-commerce site here.