A Letter From Our Editorial and Creative Director: Slow and Steady

As I get older, it’s becoming clearer that my selectiveness was instilled at a young age. I’m extremely particular about who and what I want to surround myself with, and I try to take my time and follow my intuition when it comes to all aspects of my life, be it career, style, design choices, and even where I travel and how.

My parents always emphasized the importance of slowing down and self-care. My mother would take hours making our favourite Persian food, using fresh ingredients, and doing it all by hand. My father would take us on 10-hour hikes, encouraging us to talk less and be at one with nature, every now and then repeating “slow and steady,” in Farsi.

However, even though the foundation was always there, slow living was not always a part of my life. Like anyone else, I’ve occasionally given into my impulses and felt the fleeting rush of instant gratification fade quickly. But, as I have progressed in my career, the parallels between luxury and the way I grew up have become clearer.

In each issue of The Book For Men, one of the most rewarding sections to put together has been our seasonal showcase of objets d’art. Featuring incredible creations from brands typically known for their ready-to-wear, our lineups contain playful expressions of ordinary items. When it comes to curating the selection, we do so with the intention of drawing a correlation between luxury and slow living, inviting our readers to get inspired by a timeless craftsmanship that transcends function.

Putting together this latest edition has reinforced the art of living well. Each page stands testament to our team’s creative prowess and ability to curate the best of the best. It’s also an invitation for our readers to cultivate and explore luxury in meaningful ways — through a striking timepiece, fine dining, tailoring, and beyond. Surrounding yourself with quality goods isn’t just about material gain, it’s about deliberate choices that bring about long-lasting joy.