Justin Trudeau Ran 5K While at a Nuclear Summit in DC. What’s Your Excuse?

It was a busy Thursday for Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister landed in Washington for the first day of the Nuclear Security Summit — convening with other global leaders over what to do if terrorists ever got a hold of nukes — while also speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and taking in a working lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Talk about a light day at the office.

In the midst of all that high-level stuff, though, dude still found time to get his cardio in, going for a quick 5K run around Washington’s National Mall with long-time friend and political advisor Gerald Butts.

So, seriously: what’s your excuse for not working out this week? Tough day at the office? Too tired? Please, our nation’s leader is running circles around you literally and figuratively. It’s time to carve up those sidewalks. Tie on your trainers, fire up the 8 Mile soundtrack, and get your lazy ass out there.

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