Anti-Islamophobia Motion Puts Conservatives at Crossroads: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. What you need to know about the anti-Islamophobia motion in Parliament

“It’s been called an attack on freedom of speech. An attempt to silence legitimate criticism of Islam. A move to give special rights to Muslims. Motion 103, a non-binding motion put forward in the House of Commons calling on Members of Parliament to condemn Islamophobia, has faced a maelstrom of unexpected opposition, just weeks after a mass shooting claimed the lives of six worshipers in a Quebec City mosque.

“Conservative pressure groups, columnists, and politicians have all come out fighting against the motion — but what does it actually do?”

Vice News

+1: Conservative motion condemning racism too ‘watered down’ to support, Liberals say – The Globe and Mail

+1: The Tories approach a point of no return – Macleans

2. Trudeau tries to calm Trump anxiety in Europe

“Fresh from his meeting in Washington, Justin Trudeau sought to bring Europe a message of reassurance Thursday about the anxiety it faces over Donald Trump’s antipathy towards the continent.”

Toronto Star

+1: The rise of authoritarianism is a global catastrophe – Washington Post

3. The definitive history of that time Donald Trump took a Stone Cold Stunner

“Trump’s handler was appalled, Austin said. Trump wasn’t a performer or even a natural athlete. Now, the baddest dude in wrestling, a former Division I college football defensive end with tree trunks for biceps, wanted to drop him with his signature move? With no time to even rehearse it? That seemed … dangerous. ‘He tried to talk Donald out of it a million ways,’ Austin said.

“But Trump, without hesitation, agreed to do it.”

Huffington Post

4. The age of rudeness

“As the social contract frays, what does it mean to be polite?”

New York Times Magazine

5. Who is Guy Fieri?

“Guy Fieri has become as pervasive to the American consciousness as one of our greatest exports: the Kardashians. He has formal involvement in more than 40 restaurants worldwide; three TV shows; six best-selling cookbooks, and a fleet of grocery store products. And on his hit show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Fieri celebrates America’s belly by visiting ‘out-of-bounds’ greasy spoons and neighborhood joints in the tiny towns and cities often forgotten by food media, reinforcing the idea that this nation is a melting pot of cuisines.”