With the Fendi Men’s Baguette, Man Bags Are Now Officially Grails

They say sneakers have furtively become the male version of the statement bag. Which, fine, but it’s 2019, guys — there’s no reason why the male version of the statement bag can’t be…well, the statement bag. The demand for a happy medium between a briefcase and your pockets is certainly there — fanny packs now generate almost 25 per cent of the U.S. accessories industry’s growth. Fortunately, some luxury brands are beginning to take note and drop manned-up takes on the crossbody bag.

One example: Fendi, who have just released a male version of their iconic status bag, the Baguette. Often credited as the O.G. “It bag,” it took fashion and culture by storm when it was introduced in 1997 — so covetable that Carrie Bradshaw was held at gunpoint for hers on Sex and the City. Lately, the Baguette’s been having something of a renaissance, and now men can get in on the fun (and functionality), too.

The men’s Baguette is roomier and boxier and all-around handsomer than its sister. It features two straps, making it a sidebag-handbag fusion of sorts. There are eight distinct bags in a variety of fabrics, from yellow leather to white sheepskin to silver mink. They can be rocked clout-pack style (across the chest) or around the waist, with the option of attaching longer straps to carry it over the shoulder.

With rappers from A$AP Rocky to Lil Uzi Vert fully embracing man bags (50 Cent has evidently not received the memo), it’s clear the accessory has arrived as a fundamental streetwear staple. Shouldn’t be long before hypebeasts are camping out for 16 hours to cop the next designer satchel. And we’re all for it; the bags look undeniably good. Besides, the fewer pocket bulges in your fit, the better.