Why the Mighty Verdicchio Deserves a Spot in Your Wine Collection

SHARP & Fazi Battaglia

The wine world continues to experience a sort of renaissance these days, driven by a new generation of consumers and admirers of the old-world craft. While developments in new regions, improvements in process technology, and other factors all play a role, there’s also a newfound curiosity amongst the younger generation of wine connoisseurs that is playing a major role. Perhaps akin to the booming indie music scene — fed by an interest in something that lies outside the standard fare — uncommon grape varietals continue to garner more attention across the continent. On the red side, wines like the Zweigelt and Lambrusco seem to be surfacing more and more, but when it comes to whites there is one uncommon yet long standing varietal that proves deserving of more attention. Enter the Verdicchio.

fazi battaglia

Odds are, a number of you have not heard of Verdicchio before, and that’s okay. The rather rare grape comes from Italy’s Marche region, encompassing a section of the eastern coast of the country to the East/South East of Florence. Of that vast region, we then narrow down further into Castelli di Jesi, and Matelica, both of which provide the optimal growing location for this particular grape. Without getting too deep down the rabbit hole, while the Verdicchio grape has some genetic connection to another varietal or two in the region, it is a very distinct product of its region and its roots have been traced clear back to the 14th century in Marche.

When diving into a new varietal, we often recommend sticking to the classics — known producers with decades of experience working with said grape. With this in mind we turn to Fazi Battaglia — a winery dating back to 1949, when the two families (Fazi and Battaglia, of course) came together before handing the winery off to pharmaceutical magnate Francesco Angelini a few years later. It was Angelini who introduced the brand’s signature curvaceous bottle, and whose efforts turned the brand into a leading force of modern winemaking in Marche. To this day, the Angelini family strives to keep eyes on tradition and legacy, without shying away from innovation and new ideas.

Getting back to the wine itself, Fazi Battaglia’s Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi D.O.C. Classico delivers a rather fresh and lightly floral nose, with hints of apple and pear. On the palate, we move from the floral to a more acidic, tangy flavor profile. Alongside notes of lemon, you may catch a more almond-like flavour rounding out the profile. From a pairing perspective you won’t be especially limited, however seafood, carbonara, and other pastas in cream sauce are the first things that spring to mind.

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