SHARP Finds: Best Spring Jackets of 2022

For us Canadians, it feels like as soon as the weather reaches above zero, we’re ready to pack away our parkas — but patience is key because as we know, the weather fluctuates, and one or two days above zero hardly means winter is over. Luckily the forecast in most places and for the most part is starting to look consistently decent and springtime is in fact approaching. Is the day finally here to stow away our puffers for good? We certainly hope so. While we contemplate what to do with our bulky winter gear, we can start brainstorming all the spring jackets we’re going to get to wear soon enough.

Spring Jacket Trends We’re Following

Spring jacket hunting should be an exciting task — rather than shopping around for a lumpy black winter jacket (boring), there are so many options when it comes to spring. And we mean options across the board — length, colour, fabric, style — you could go for denim jackets, leather jackets, trench coats, utility jackets, sherpa jackets — I mean, the possibilities are kind of endless. If you’re overwhelmed by the overload of options and don’t know where to start, that’s OK. We’re here for you.

This season’s offerings include options with lots of pockets, with signature brand motifs and patterns, fascinating prints, and looks inspired by the past (hint hint, varsity jackets).

We’re seeing leather options from brands like Louis Vuitton and wool selections from Prada, while Fendi is focussing on denim, nylon, and shearling. Gucci’s presenting silk to denim while Dior is introducing new bombers. We’re seeing plenty of choices in a range of styles from our favourite brands so we’ve tried to narrow the search for you but at the end of the day, it also comes down to preference.

What to Look For in a Spring Jacket This Year

When it comes to choosing spring jackets, there are a few things to look out for. Firstly you want to think about the fabric (what is the jacket made from?) and then you want to consider colour. A nice nylon bomber jacket, denim, leather, or lightweight wool jacket could be the perfect and versatile spring jacket you need in your life. Feel free to use this as an opportunity to add a fun pop of colour or eccentric pattern to your look — or stick with black, navy, grey, brown, or beige to keep things simple and to ensure endless possibilities when it comes to creating outfits.

We can also think about length. Shorter, lighter-weight jackets scream spring but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun experimenting with length — for the experienced, we made sure to include a longer choice.

Now, let’s get into it.

The Best Spring Jackets of 2022

Gucci Pineapple jacket

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This blue and ivory jumbo GG jacquard denim number from the Gucci Pineapple collection will make the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. Pair with matching denim pants to make a statement but if you want to play it more safe and simple, pair with slacks, khakis, or black pants. There’s no better way to welcome warmer weather than with a little bit of Gucci. ($4,150)

Moncler Nuytten Nylon Hooded Jacket

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This 100 per cent nylon jacket is extremely sleek and the definition of technical outerwear at its finest. Hooded, navy blue, and subtle, it makes for a perfect everyday spring jacket whether you’re going on a hike or grabbing lunch with a pal. ($1,255)

Louis Vuitton Monogram LV Toile Military Jacket

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This Italian-made polyester military jacket is a little more playful and bold than a signature Louis Vuitton piece but still sophisticated enough that it makes sense for the brand. A true statement piece, pair with beige chinos and your favourite brown footwear for a well-rounded look this spring. ($7,800)

Dior Oblique Reversible Bomber Jacket

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The cool thing about this bomber is that it’s reversible so it’s like getting two new jackets for the price of one. One side features the Dior Oblique and the other is a grey technical canvas with an elegant crinkle-effect. Its style and colour make it modern yet nostalgic and overall timeless. To complete the groovy retro look, pair with white pants and funky shoes. ($3,700)

Fendi Trench Coat

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A reversible and oversized trench coat to spice up any outfit, don’t mind if we do. This Italian-made coat is crafted from linen, cotton, and silk jacquard fabric and features the Fendi Earth motif in black, blue, and grey. On colder spring days when looking for a little extra length and warmth or for springtime nights when you want to step outside the box. ($7,500)

BOSS Structured-Ottoman Jacket With Concealed Zip

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Let’s get physical! This versatile jacket by BOSS Menswear was designed with sporty appeal but you don’t need to be an athlete to appreciate it. Cut to a perfectly short length with pockets galore, it’s well constructed, light-weight, and easily wearable — making for the ultimate streetwear moment. ($445)

Parajumpers Nylon-Blend Jayden Mixmedia Jacket

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Perfect for that in between weather, this nylon-blend Jayden mixmedia jacket from Parajumpers is made from a combination of fabrics and is easily packable so it’s perfect for unpredictable weather and various conditions, especially when you’re on-the go or travelling. It’s wind and water resistant as well as slim fitting for ultimate comfort, protection, and style. ($445)

Hermes Varsity Jacket

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A varsity jacket makes for a classic (and timeless) look but take things up a notch with this cotton and cashmere varsity jacket with leather detailing. The perfect way to embrace your collegiate side — and to say goodbye to winter. ($2,975)

JOOP! Grover Nylon Bomber Jacket

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This versatile JOOP! number should be a staple in your closet — it can take you through the seasons, year after year and will always be a fan favourite. It’s simple enough to work with virtually any look but elevated and sleek enough to stand out. The Sherpa collar is removable for when you want something a little more understated. ($698)

Tommy Hilfiger X Timberland Reversible Chore Jacket

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This reversible jacket is perfect for more casual days. A classic Timberland chore jacket reimagined in organically grown cotton moleskin, its intricate triple needle detailing and structure make it quite the piece. If you’re not feeling the sandalwood colour on the front, simply turn inside out for a playful stripe situation with a tribute to both the Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland brands on the back. (Sale price: $420)

Eleventy Herringbone Wool Coat

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Strut through spring with this fitted navy Herringbone wool coat. It easily ties together any business or casual outfit ensuring you look your best wherever the day takes you. Its sharp stand collar makes it unique and adds a welcomed sprinkle of elegance to your look. ($1,995)

What We Liked in Previous Years

Fashion trends are ever-changing and they change real fast but that doesn’t mean reflecting on the past can’t be useful. The thing about trends is that they always come full circle and there’s always something to be inspired by and things from the past we can implement (but also improve) in the future. Although we’re not seeing as many moto jackets this year for instance or several other styles we used to associate with warmer weather, we were gifted modern and inventive options this season to help us transition into spring. While we accept these new pieces with open arms, see below for some styles from the past we’ll gladly keep in our wardrobes this year.

Remi Relief Shearling-Trimmed Corduroy Jacket

spring jackets Remi Relief Shearling-Trimmed Corduroy Jacket in post

If you’ve followed any of the menswear fashion weeks at the start of this year even remotely, you’ll have noticed involvement of shearling and corduroy has skyrocketed in the outfits of the sartorially-minded recently. And going off of the popularity of the trucker jacket last fall, this shearling/cord trucker jacket is kind of a mathematical equation of success. In case you fear that sounds awfully close to the fallacy of composition to coax you into thinking this is a good idea, I also think it looks darn handsome, if I do say so myself.

Golden Bear Leather-Panelled Bomber Jacket

spring jackets Golden Bear Leather-Panelled Bomber Jacket in post

The varsity jacket has been a quintessential in-betweener since forever now, and but you should do your best to avoid inheriting the oversized one your mum owns from back in her college days. Good thing extremely highly regarded outerwear brand Golden Bear is here to step in and save the day with this tasteful leather-panelled navy wool varsity. It’ll hold its own against any Ivy League trash people try to throw at it.

Michael Kors Houndstooth Car Coat

spring jackets Michael Kors Houndstooth Car Coat in post

Yes, while technically as it extends beyond the hips, this is a ‘coat’ and not a jacket per se, it’s undeniably a great transitional piece to help guide you into warmer weather. Camel colouring and houndstooth print both featured prominently during the menswear circuit earlier this year, particularly at Pitti, but those aren’t trends that are going to die anytime soon. Throw in details like the belted waist and button-tab cuffs and this classic car coat by Michael Kors will have you looking timelessly stylish.

Prada Navy Gabardine Convertible Jacket

spring jackets Prada Navy Gabardine Convertible Jacket in post

One brief glance from Mr. Mac over to the bench and I already had the calves zipped off my most-tactical track pants quicker than he could say, “Darren, sub-off mate, you’re blowing.” One touch — bang — goal. Clinical. My only mistake? The knee slide celly. You could tell by the panicked widening of my eyes the millisecond those zips dug into the bottoms of my knees as I slid across the hardwood gym floor. Since then, I’ve been very cautious about zip-placement in my clothing. Around the arm holes like this gabardine convertible jacket from Prada? Gosh darned smart — just as long as you aren’t planning a Klinsmann anytime soon. But then again, why would you ever want to emulate a celebration by a Spurs player?

Sand Copenhagen 7320 Camel Alexander Jacket

spring jackets Sand Copenhagen 7320 Camel Alexander Jacket in post

We may have just found it — the perfect suede jacket. The simplistic, understated modern fit tapers in at the waist and arms making this number by SAND Copenhagen a contender for Jacket of the List. Just look to one Jerry Seinfeld for a first-hand testament on the joys of owning a great suede jacket. “Inside this jacket, I am composed, grounded, secure that I can meet any social challenge” — Season 2, Episode 3. Channel your inner (fusilli) Jerry, buy this jacket. Just don’t wear it out in the rain, even if there is no pink lining.