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John Semley

Willem Dafoe on Risk-Taking and the Fine Difference Between Pain and Suffering

He might make a natural villain, but the actor's unconventional role choices show his determination to keep us — and himself — guessing.

How Pierce Brosnan, Suave Irishman, Became TV’s Coolest Cowboy

The former Bond and current star of AMC’s ‘The Son’ talks about keeping his black dog at bay.

Liev Schreiber Is Tired of Being So Tough

The 'Ray Donovan' star has made a career playing the hard-nosed heavy. But there’s a sweet — and deeply funny — side underneath the hardened exterior.

The Irrepressible Jeff Goldbluminess of Jeff Goldblum

Even over email, a sick Jeff Goldblum still sounds unmistakably like Jeff Goldblum.

Josh Brolin's Massive Gains: How the Actor Smashed Through His Comfort Zone to Play Thanos and Cable

An actor so prolific, he’s playing two Marvel supervillains in one summer.