• Food & Drink

    The 16 Best Kitchen Knives

    At the height of barbecue season, the knife a man wields is as important as the grill he lights or the spices he rubs. In the winter, when slow-braising is the order of the day, this is no less true. A good knife is well worth the investment. With the right knife, one with style, balance and precision, you can create the perfect filet, carve a turkey with ease or slice a roast so evenly your guests will swoon with envy. With these, the best kitchen knives money can buy, you will be the tzar or the pot roast, the king of the capon. Long may you reign.

  • Book for Men

    Video: The 2014-15 Fall/Winter Book For Men Party

    Sharp gathered Canada’s best-dressed to help celebrate the launch of their fall/winter Book For Men at the Shangi-La Hotel in Toronto.

  • Cars & Tech

    19 Insanely Luxurious Things

    Because we believe one should never have to compromise, we’ve gathered this list of Things (books, bikes, boats, destinations, drinks etc.) from the pages of our Fall Winter Book For Men.

  • Style

    Eveningwear for Your (Sexy) NYE Party

    Elegant evening attire to carry you from your holiday parties to wherever the night takes you in elevated style.

  • Style

    That Watch Though (NSFW)

    Sharp’s biannual men’s luxury bible, The Book for Men, is a celebration of the finest things in the world — clothing, cars, gadgets, destinations, and yes, watches. And while the timepieces featured in these shots are stunning and singular in themselves, we couldn’t just leave it at that. These highlights show what happens when beautiful lines meet seductive curves in the best possible way.

  • Style

    10 Ways to Get Fit Now

    Karon Liu is a food writer. He is the man responsible for the Crookie—a Canadian response to the Cronut craze, made from the unholy union of a croissant and an Oreo cookie. He is man familiar with eating. And, as such, he’s a man familiar with the need to burn off all the stuff he eats. But, then, aren’t we all.

  • Ask Sharp

    What’s Wrong With A Little Recreational Viagra?

    “I don’t have erectile dysfunction. But, I’m curious about trying Viagra—or some other kind ED drug—recreationally. What are the dangers?”

  • Videos

    A Peroni With: Jake Rosenberg & Daniel Torjman at Bar Buca in Toronto

    In this instalment of Sharp and Peroni’s multi-part series on Canadian trendsetters, we connected two successful Torontonian cultural luminaries and got them talking about style, travel and being Canada’s place on the world stage. Both men are fixtures in the Canadian fashion scene, as well as emissaries to the rest of the world through their work. Jake Rosenberg is a founder of The Coveteur and Daniel Torjman is the creative director of 18Waits.

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