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Six Iconic Canadians Share Their Lessons of Fatherhood

It isn’t only having children, it’s what we do with the children we have.


How Being a Dad Helped Me through a Rough Year

Everything I thought made me a worthwhile man disintegrated before me. But I was still a dad.


The Dads of ‘Workin’ Moms’ Give Us Valuable Lessons in Modern Fatherhood

Don't let the hit CBC comedy's title fool you: it's not just for mothers.

I Went to Las Vegas with My Dad and Things Got Existential

Ben Kaplan hits the Vegas strip with his pops, rents a convertible Lamborghini, and discovers what it means to be alive and well in the city of lights.


The Case for Forgoing Fatherhood

In today’s context, fatherhood isn’t a biological certainty — it’s a choice. And it’s one we need to start talking more about.

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How I Helped My Son Embrace His Dark Side

A study of Santa Claus, taxidermy, and werewolves.